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Homemade taste.

Tequeños                        50uni $36
  • Queso                                      $36
  • Queso y bocadillo                  $42
  • Nutella                            
Pastelitos pequeños     50uni $42 
  • Carne                                      $42
  • Pollo                                        $42
  • Papa con queso                    $42
  • Andinos                                  $87
Pasteles Medianos       50uni $65
  • Carne                                      $65
  • Pollo                                        $65
  • Jamón y Queso                      $65
Pasteles Grandes        10uni $23
  • Carne                                      $23
  • Pollo                                        $23
  • Jamón y Queso                      $23
Empanaditas                  50uni $66
  • Carne                                      $66
  • Pollo                                        $66
  • Jamón y Queso                      $66
Pastelitos de Hojaldre.    6uni $17
  • Queso                                      $17
  • Queso y bocadillo                  $17
  • Nutella                                     $17
Arepas                          10uni $15
  • Avena con Chía.                 $15
  • Remolacha                          $15
  • Espinaca                              $15
  • Yuca                                     $20
  • Plátano Verde                    $20
  • Mandocas                            
  • Bolitas de Carne
  • Arepitas de queso frita
  • Mini cachitos
  • Kibbeh
  • Mini Kibbeh
  • Falafel


Homemade taste.

Pasticho pequeño               $9,99
  • For 2 portions
Pasticho Mediano.                $50
  • For 6 – 8 portions 


The sweetest details for every.

  • Pavlova is a crunchy base with nuts, dulce de leche or nutella, whipped cream and fruits. It is one of Ami’s favorite desserts because of its combination of flavors and textures that make it simply delicious.

Tres Leches
  • It is everyone’s favorite dessert. It is a perfect combination between our spongy and wet biscuit with three milk. You can choose your favorite flavor.

  • A unique combination of flavors, we have it different presentations

Chocolate Cake
  • If you like chocolate desserts, you have to try this cake. It’s moist and fluffy, hands down, one of the tastiest you’ve ever had!

  • The Milhojas or Napoleon, is a typical dessert of French pastries, created with thin and crunchy layers filled with our unique pastry cream.

Amai Roll
  • Our new creation. It is a crunchy and creamy roll with meringue, cream, nuts and fruits to your liking! You will just love it

  • Choux cream as many know it, are freshly filled with our rich cream. You can put the topping that you like the most and you can add it in your millefeuille

Naked cake
  • Our naked cak is undoubtedly the favorite for celebrations. Our Cakes are rich in flavor, fluffy and with the perfect decoration made to measure.


Cake de blueberry y poppy seed
  • It is a fresh cake, not very sweet, perfect for your snacks.

Cake de zanahoria 
  • If you want to sweeten your palate in a healthy way; try this delicious carrot cake that will leave you wanting to repeat with cream cheese topping.

Cake navideño
  • Flavors that transport you to that special moment. Where its perfect description is family and celebrations. Its mixture of nuts, flavors and its touch of liquor make this cake perfect for those celebrations.

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